2. In the Neighborhood Ron E Beck
©Arbe Music ASCAP
Produced by: Ron E. Beck
Mixed by: Skylark
Drums / Programming / Rhodes / Lead & BG Vocals: Ron E Beck
MoPhatt Synth Bass: Robbie Benson
Guitar: Sammy Orozco II
Guitar: Tim Landis
Additional Programming: Skylark

2. In the Neighborhood
Ron and his wife Sadie were invited to a pool party around the corner which turned out to be a freak show and lots of fun!

It’s Going On
(In the Neighborhood) - Ron E Beck
The party started just about two
Yes I’m still here
Food is gone and I should be too
But something’s shaking
Seem like things was just getting started
Felt the doobie in my left hand
I guess I’ll be staying
Ladies come and dance on demand

It’s going on y’all In the Neighborhood

Had a pole there out by the pool
She went to work
Girl was doing tricks on it too
Lawd she was twerkin’
My cue stick started shaking
I couldn’t even make a straight shot

It’s going on y’all In the Neighborhood
It’s going on y’all In the Neighborhood

I couldn’t believe my eyes
When she made that banana split
Ooh and much to my surprise
That banana disappeared it was something weird
But it was hot, hot, and sexy, my wife was looking too

Party just around the block
Friend called me and said I should stop
Have myself a drink and some food
It was raining dollars when the men they start to holler (CHORUS)