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“Where have you been?”

This is the question people ask when they hear Ron E. B. sing for the first time. His music having stirred their passions so much so, they are surprised he is a “new” vocal artists.

Like a preacher, a singer is called to his profession. People hear someone do a song, and they say, Hey, you can really sing. Ron E. B. was called over the years when heard singing background vocals, or singing the lead on occasion. Tom Bell, Carlos Santana, Steve Cropper, and Wallace “Scotty” Scott of the Whispers praised his vocal style. Yet he did not heed the call.

For he was busy playing the drums on the world’s foremost stages with Tower of Power, Herbie Hancock, The Temptations, Bobby Womack, Bill Withers, Bob Marley, John Lee Hooker, Etta James, Rick James, Sista Monica, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Taj Mahal, Santana, Dr. John, and many others.

Actually, Ron E. B. was called to sing, and to play, at conception. He came from the womb of a jazz singer/pianist. His mother was a wunderkind who easily evolved into an accomplished artist, but sacrificed a promising career to raise her five gifted children. Ron E. and his siblings grew up in a large, old house in Omaha that was a mecca of sorts, drawing master musicians as well as budding talent to what became essentially a music incubator.
At age 18, Ron E. B. moved to northern California, where he still resides. And for longer than he could remember people had been encouraging him to sing. Then one day, a few years back, it all came to a head. He found himself being offered numerous singing opportunities. Plenty of room was being made for him. Musicians and songwriters were rallying around him. His wife, Sadie, was now leading the refrain, urging him to pursue a dream simmering long within. He realized it was time to come from behind the drums and face the crowd.

Since then, Ron E. B. has been leading his own bands, and singing with others, on a myriad of North American and European stages, including the Umbria Winter and Summer Jazz Festivals (Perugia, Italy), Bill Graham Auditorium (San Francisco), Joslyn Museum Summer Nights (Omaha), Hot August Nights (Reno, NV), UK Bank Holiday (Manchester, England), Mt View Art & Wine Festival, Monterey Blues Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, Blues Estefette (Utrecht, Holland), San Francisco Jazz Festival, Chicago Blues Festival, and the Lucerne Blues Festival (Switzerland).

When one sees Ron E. B. bring people to their feet, screaming, it is unmistakably clear that it was them more than anyone else who called him to sing. They have chosen him. For he has captivated a public at-large with his fresh approach to contemporary soul music.

Ron E. Beck is on a spiritual journey. He is full of passion... full of love. But he is hungry. And after all these years the flames are still roaring. Hear his music. This man is on fire.

Ron E Beck Soul Revue Band Biography

Ron E. Beck - Leader, Drums & Lead Vocals:
Ron E Beck has been a pillar in the Bay Area music scene for decades. After moving to San Jose, CA from Omaha, NE in 1971 Beck has recorded and toured with the likes of John Lee Hooker 1971, 2 albums Free Beer & Chicken and Never Get Out Of This Blues Alive, Tower of Power 1975 – 1978 and 2 albums, Ain’t Nothing Stopping Us Now and We Came to Play, Bell & James 1979, Living It Up Friday Night, Bill Withers, Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr., Bobby Womack, Clifford Coulter, Chester Thompson, Sister Monica and written and produced for several artists over the past 30 years. Beck is renowned and well respected for his drumming, singing, songwriting and production talent. He now has a new band of young upcoming musicians that he is mentoring and teaching music the way we did it back-in-the-day. Ron is carrying on the tradition of the singing drummers like, Buddy Miles, Phil Collins, Maurice White, Teddy Pendergrass and even Marvin Gaye.

Samuel Orozco, Jr. - Guitar & Vocals
Sammy is a young fiery guitarist with a unique blend of Soul, Rock and Blues that turns heads every time he performs. When he solos you can feel the passion coming through his amplifier and the soul in his funk when he plays rhythm guitar. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Sammy has been co-producer on the latest self-titled CD Ron E. Beck in-between being a successful restauranteur and songwriter-producer for other artists.

Tim Landis - Guitar
Tim is a veteran guitarist with a repertoire that is unmatched. He knows everything from the classic Motown and Stax rhythms to Frank Sinatra and everything in between. Tim is a Master player and performer. Beck and the group consider him the anchor of the band. They have nicknamed him the ‘Cleaner’. Landis is also a first call studio musician.

Ted Blyss Gould - Bass & Vocals
Blyss, as we call him is a find. He has the tone of any master bassist out there and the feel of them all. Ted’s performance in the studio is signature all the way. Blyss is also the band comedian with an infectious personality. He performs with Zigaboo Modeliste, the drummer for the classic R&B group the Meters. ‘B’ is immediately any drummer’s friend. Gould is also a classroom teacher and has a series of online bass lessons.

Robbie Benson - Keyboards & Vocals
Robbie is the youngest member of the group. At 26 he has the musical knowledge of someone twice his age. Robbie’s father was a master keyboardist who made sure his son was well steeped in the history of jazz and R&B from a gone by era. Robbie’s rhythm and solos are seasoned with taste and experience that will compliment any singer’s desires. Rob pays attention to the music and whatever groove the band may land on. We are honored to have him in the group for sure. Benson is also an international award-winning filmmaker with several short and feature films to his credit.

Clarence Bandy, Jr. - Drums & Vocals
Clay, as we refer to him is another youngster with what we call big pockets. He understands the groove and really knows how to lay it down consistently. Clay is Ron’s protégé and is learning what the groove is all about from an Old Skool perspective. His timing is immaculate as are his fills and dynamics in any given song. Beck would say, “When I go out front to sing the groove ain’t missing nothing . . .” Clay keeps himself busy performing drummer and DJ shows, as a live DJ and handling gig promotions to fill his schedule.

L-R: Sammy Ron E. Clay Blyss Tim Robbie

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