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Here's a little package of great tunes we had a great time producing, I think you are going to like it. It has all kinds of music on it from some very special musicians. Clifford Coulter (Bill Withers), Tony Lindsay (Santana), Rustee Allen (Sly & the Family Stone), Donnie Beck (Ronnie Laws), Skylark and Danny Hull (Doobie Brothers) to name a few, are dear friends and all showed up for Beck on this recording. Check it out, it's really tight!

Ron E Beck Baby Boomer
. . . like back in the day!
One Sheet - Brief description of each song:
1 Barkin’ @ the Gate
. A danceable blues that’s a crowd pleaser with audience participation; for all the dog lovers!
2 Let’s Get a Groove (Goin’ On)
. Hey girl you looking good on the dance floor let’s hook it up baby!
3 Wait a Minute
. If you know how to dance you will want to cha-cha to this one.
4 HumDaddy
. Dave Gonzales & Ron E have coined a term for the smooth, well dressed Dude at the club ala Johnny Guitar Watson.
5 Come & See Your Baby
. Dude is calling out to his Lady to come over and get some of this good loving! I’ll pay the cab fare . . . must be in NYC.
6 We Should Be Together
. Skylark wrote a love song well seasoned with some Al Green sauce for Ron E and his wife.
7 Its Over
. It’s finally become clear that this relationship has to end; this man can’t take it no more.
8 Grandma’s Hands
. Bill Withers’ classic with a slow driving groove really delivers; you can feel Beck calling out to Big Mama!
9 Somebody
. This song speaks to the political and social economic atmosphere in America today; heartfelt.
10 Kinetics
. Four OG’s freestylin’ for real!
11 Only Happens (When I Hear Your Name)
. Ron E talks about the early years in his relationship with his wife, the ladies will like this one.
12 Ridin’ On Empty
. Baby, I’m out of gas! I can’t go no further! Something’s got to change, all right?
13 Baby Boomer
. Beck is celebrating the Baby Boomer generation in song.
14 Can’t Go Back
. Live rendition of Beck lamenting the fact that when it’s over, it really is over baby!
You just can’t go back . . .

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