So I guess I performed on a couple of tracks over the years. Now, most of my music is still on sale through your regular music outlets; I recommend that you buy your music at CDBaby or cause we musicians get the fairest cut from the sale.

Year Record Label Artist Album Title Beck's Role
2012 ReBec Records Ron E. Beck Baby Boomer artist/producer/songwriter
2008 Pathway Mike Henderson Trouble Ain't No Stranger drums
2008 Mo' Muscle Sista Monica Parker Sweet Inspirations drums/percussion
2006 Wide Hive Calvin Keys Vertical Clearance drums
2005 Thump Ron E. Beck Soul Cry vocals/drums
2005 Mo' Muscle Sista Monica Parker Can't Keep a Good Woman Down! drums
2004 Checkerboard Michael Osborn Touch Tone drums
2004 Wide Hive DJ Zeph Sunset Scavenger drums
2004 Mo' Muscle Danny B First Impression drums/co-producer
2003 Seattle 3 J's Blues Rocker drums
2003 Wide Hive Dissent Bleeding Together drums
2002 Glide Glide Ensemble Sounds Of Hope vocals/drums
2002 CMH Lizzi Ven A Mi drums/producer
2002 Red Rooster Mike Henderson Blues drums
2002 Wide Hive Variable Unit Seven Grain drums/songwriter
2002 Epic Legacy Tower Of Power Soul with a Capital “S”: The Best of Tower of Power vocals/drums/background vocals
2001 Wide Hive Variable Unit Wide Hive Live Vol. 1 drums
2001 Blind Pig Tommy Castro Can't Keep a Good Man Down drums
2001 Wide Hive Calvin Keys Detours into Unconscious Rhythms drums
2001 Wide Hive DJ Zeph DJ Zeph drums
2001 Blind Pig Tommy Castro Essential Tommy Castro vocals/drums
2001 Mo' Muscle Sista Monica Parker Live In Europe drums
2001 Blue Rockit David Raitt Blues vocals/drums
2000 Re:Jazz Jeanne Rogers The Late Show drums/producer
2000 Mo' Muscle Sista Monica Parker People Love the Blues vocals/drums
2000 Blue Rockit David Raitt That's It drums
2000 Raw John Lee Sanders Mozart: Rhythm & Romance drums
1999 Blind Pig Tommy Castro Right as Rain drums
1999 PDN Aaron Nason Livin' In A Dream vocals/drums
1999 Blues Express Frankie Lee Here I Go Again drums
1998 Wide Hive Dissent Liquid drums
1997 Mo' Muscle Sista Monica Parker Sista Monica drums/vocals/co-producer
1995 Blind Pig Chris Cain Somewhere Along the Way drums/background vocals
1995 Mo' Muscle Sista Monica Parker Get Out My Way drums/vocals/co-producer
1995 Gunsmoke Joyce Randolph I Send Him Roses drums/drum programming
1993 Guerilla (Sweeden) The Feast The Feast drums/co-producer
1993 Fantasy Two Tons Get The Feeling drums
1993 Gunsmoke Jesse James Operator Please Put Me Through drums/background vocals
1990 Polydor (Italy) Biagio Antonacci Biagio drums
1987 Jardin Lizzi Ozozco Lizzi drums/co-producer
1981 Fantasy Two Tons 2 Tons of Fun drums
1980 Sony Music Clifford Coulter The Better Part of Me drums/percussion
1979 CBS Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis, Jr. The Two of Us drums
1977 CBS Tower Of Power We Came To Play! vocals/drums/background vocals
1976 CBS Tower Of Power Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now vocals/drums
1976 Fantasy Pat Gleason Star Wars drums