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Birthday Surprise
Back on my birthday some friends got together and helped set up a little reunion concert. It's a private party reuniting the guys from the famous Blue Monday session, we'll be jamming the evening of September 23rd near downtown San Jose… Order tickets at ...

KCSM Interview
I was honored to visit KCSM studios for a live conversation with Elisa Clancey in late April, and we're working on getting a recording of it on here for you soon.

Things have been going real good lately, getting to spend a lot of time jamming with my good friends and recording excellent performances from these seasoned veterans. We had a great CD release party at the Poor House Bistro, a real gem for live music in San José... watch some songs from the party under our Videos tab above, or buy the CD at CDBaby!

Dinosaur or Buffalo?
I’ve been called a dinosaur . . . and lately a buffalo.
That’s one way to reference an Ol Skool music practitioner – I suppose. The practice of keeping the essence of real music alive is an undertaking, and clearly fit for buffalo tactics.
Herds of buffalo mow down grasses and make way for more selective grazers.
I feel like a buffalo, roaming the prairie teaching the youngsters what life is REALLY about.
That is exactly what I am doing with my new band,
Ron E Beck Soul Revue. We are a groove collective comprised of Ol Skool music veterans and young rising music phenoms – inundated with technology and hungry for real grit and music roughage. Ol Skool 101 “never stop learning” – it makes for mastery in teaching. I am teaching and together we’re learning the history of this music called SOUL.
Soul music emerged during the era from 1957 through 1977 and was rooted in the Southern United States. Stax Records, Atlantic Records, Chess Records in Chicago, Muscle Shoals Alabama, Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio, Augusta and Atlanta, GA , even Omaha, NE and of course Motown which was out of Detroit, were all contributors to this style of music. The list is quite long and please forgive me for not listing them all. I personally prefer the term SOUL Music to the term Rhythm & Blues Music.
In recent times, the music industry has worked to divide and profit from persistently categorizing and naming music; namely Black Music. It’s been scrutinized, vilified, sensationalized, prostitized, and above all duplicated. Incidentally, Black Music is not exclusive to Black people. I have no problem with that!
Nowadays, you can just make a beat or a track and have someone come in and lay a vocal to what you’ve already done usually by use of the computer or some other sequencing devise. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this works but more often than not, it’s just one person’s interpretation of what the groove is. A groove usually takes more than one person’s interpretation to make it really groove. That’s Ol Skool Baby! I am Ol Skool and proud of it. The problem today is there aren’t that many of us left to pass on the knowledge. I believe there are a select few musicians with that knowledge that must be passed on to the new gen musicians.
My new CD, self-titled Ron E Beck is testament to that by gone era. We made this record like we used to, no click tracks, minimal use of the computer and really just a group of seasoned musicians working till we got it right!

My goal in this industry is to keep alive the time tested formula for making music. First of all “you have to be proficient on your instrument and understand your function in the band”. The primary goal was and is always feel! It has to feel good not only to you but the rest of the musicians and singers involved and the listening audience. You also had to have a good song; one with melody and lyrics that told a story or at least referenced something you’re familiar with.
I want to include a quote from a dear friend and well respected musician, Emilio Castillo, leader and co-founder of the legendary group Tower of Power:

“Ron E. Beck’s CD is a really soulful endeavor by a guy that truly knows what soul is. One of the premier drummers of the Bay Area for decades, he now has acquired a seasoning to his voice that is really quite remarkable; somewhere between Johnny Taylor and Philippe Wynne of the Spinners with a 'low down' quality akin to Johnny "Guitar" Watson. The song writing and production on this recording is top notch.”

Emilio Castillo – Bandleader, Tower of Power

Ron E Beck Soul Revue does a lot of original songs in their set and select R&B songs from that
soul era which youngsters and oldsters alike will love. Our goal is to introduce the next generation of musicians to soul music and where it came from. Older and especially young people have really embraced our approach to music. Just check out YouTube and you’ll see a lot of new groups doing covers of classic hits from Bobby Blue Bland to the Jackson Five and creating a new brand of music.
Soul Is Back! Soul music is back! SOUL IS BACK! Soul Is Back! Soul music is back! SOUL IS BACK!

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