With a career as long and blessed as I have enjoyed, the old scrapbook has a lot of great memories. Here are some of my favorites that I hope you like, too.

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3rd Street Annex photo - First Record Deal 1973. Back row L-R: Ronnie Beck-Drums, Bill Burgess-Guitar, Stan McClelland-Bass, Richard Dickson-Vocals(RIP). Seated L-R: John Turk-Leader/Organ/Trumpet, Marvin Holmes-Record Label Owner

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Chester Thompson Quartet - Chester Thompson-Organ, Howard Wiley-Sax, Ron E-Drums, Barry Finnerty-Guitar

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Ron E & his daughter Aserét

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Ron E. Beck & Bruce Conte

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Ron E. Beck / Clay Bandy, Jr. / Chester Thompson

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Ron E. Beck with Dennis Chambers at Yoshi's

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Ron E. Beck with David Garibaldi at Yoshi's

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Ron E. Beck headlining Jazz On The Green / Omaha, NE 2013

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Legends at Angelica's, 2014. Left to Right: Rollie Willis-Singer, Clifford Coulter-Keys, Tony Lindsay-Singer, Kevin Wong-Keys, Donny Caruth-Guitar, Will Russ, Jr.-Singer, Rick Baker-Singer, Ted Gould/Blyss-Bass, Chester Thompson-Organ, Me seated

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Here's my mother at the piano.

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Ron E. Beck, Rocco Prestia, Emilio Castillo - Tower of Power at Yoshi's

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Tower of Power performing live - Ronnie Beck / Rocco Prestia / Bruce Conte

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Sam Orozco, Doc Kupka, Ron E. Beck @ Yoshi's

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ReB & Sista Monica - L to R: Stan Erhart, Ron E. Beck, Sista Monica Parker, JC Smith, Noel Catura

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Live at Buckingham Palace
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Always layin down some beats
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Right at home in the studio or anywhere!